AltHost – an MIT-Industry Consortium
Efficient, fast, and predictable manufacturing at all stages of product development can help accelerate the development of new therapies. Today, there are increased demands to reduce the time and costs necessary to produce both small and large volumes of high-quality recombinant protein drugs and vaccines for clinical and commercial use. Eukaryotic microorganisms provide a potential solution to address these challenges, but there remains a fractionated ecosystem, limited biological and clinical knowledge, and multiple available options with uncertain utility.

Our Consortium seeks to define a new partnered model that addresses these challenges in order to realize next-generation agile solutions for biologic manufacturing.

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Cover Legend: The cover image, by Catherine B. Matthews et al., is based on the Review Reexamining opportunities for therapeutic protein
production in eukaryotic microorganisms
, DOI 10.1002/bit.26378